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Garbisch, Edgar William, Mr. Garbisch, traveling exh. Federation of Arts, New York, , no. Petersburg, Florida, , no. First venue: Grand Palais, Paris. Garbisch, organized by the Amer.

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Knoedler and Co. Traveling exh. Bibliography Dresser, Louisa. American Painting. New York, , Edward Hicks, Painter of the Peaceable Kingdom. This painting is one of about sixty by Hicks depicting the prophecy. In the background, William Penn executes his treaty with the Lenape, representing the earthly realization of a peaceable kingdom. Ramsay Fund. Works created by United States and non-United States nationals published prior to are in the public domain, subject to the terms of any applicable treaty or agreement. You may download and use Brooklyn Museum images of this work. Please include caption information from this page and credit the Brooklyn Museum.

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William Penn. There is much to think about how our choices add violence to our world. Viewer at a Catholic community screening. I work with individuals with disabilities and strive to interact at all times with respect for their individual humanity. However I don't extend that to the entire animal kingdom. This film finally challenged that disconnect. I've moved to a new consciousness again. This film really brought home to me how many people are being hurt by having to shut down their essential selves -- how bits of them die every day.

It's a truly compassionate story. I can honestly say that after seeing this film I am changed for the better. Our world needs this message -- it was heartfelt, hopeful and inspiring. I'm overwhelmed and grateful. Introductory Video Holistic nonviolence is an emerging path for personal transformation and social evolution. It is intended to foster the creation of a global community of conscience organized around an ever-deepening commitment to regard and treat all others, however they may differ from ourselves, with care and respect.

There are many forms of oppression and violence in society that, for reasons of culture or tradition, remain largely unexamined. Walking the path of holistic nonviolence is about questioning ALL forms of oppression and violence, seeking to better understand their common roots, and choosing alternatives.

The Peaceable Kingdom Cushions

It is about being unwilling -- directly or indirectly -- to take part in violence, to profit from the harm of others, or to willfully ignore oppression. It is about refusing to intentionally take away the dignity, bodily integrity, freedom, or the life of another individual, no matter how they may differ from ourselves, be they a fellow human or a fellow animal. Pursuing this path is not about being perfect, but about challenging ourselves to ever expand our understanding of how our actions affect others, and over time, to come closer and closer to the ideal of nonviolence toward all.

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It is a long term path of self-development, integrity and service. It places a special focus on respecting, advocating for, and, when possible, empowering those who are being oppressed, exploited or killed. Most importantly, it is a path based on cherishing and protecting life, and celebrating the beauty and joy we can create together.

The sections below describe three different modes of expressing holistic nonviolence, with many specific examples for each. Some Examples: Refusing to take part in discussions or actions that marginalize vulnerable individuals or groups Supporting businesses and institutions that do not engage in racist, speciesist, sexist, homophobic, ableist, xenophobic, or other discriminatory practices Purchasing goods produced in accordance with fair trade and fair labor standards Choosing food, clothing and consumer goods that are created without using or killing our fellow animals Eliminating the use of bioengineered products that threaten the genetic integrity of the natural world Reducing or eliminating consumption of fossil fuels and other products connected with climate disruption and the destruction of our biosphere Refraining from supporting or participating in socially sanctioned mass violence, such as military aggression, forced migration, and wildlife killing campaigns.

Commitment to nonviolently intervene in accordance with one's capacity when others are being harmed, and to work for the abolition of systemic harms. Within the bounds of one's understanding and capability, commitment to protect the integrity of the principles of holistic nonviolence, to teach alternatives to oppression and exploitation, to help heal the trauma of violence, and to expand our collective understanding of what it means to live with care and respect for all.

Visit official film site. Can a change of heart change the world?

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Oct 23 Vienna Austria. Jul 8 Columbia SC. Nov 1 Los Angeles CA. May 25 Santiago Metropolitana Chile. May 19 Noumea New Caledonia. Apr 15 Araraquara Sao Paulo Brazil. Apr 5 Barcelona Spain. Mar 18 Barcelona Spain. Feb 13 Barcelona Spain. Nov 18 Toowoomba Queensland Australia. Nov 10 Sevilla Spain. What is Tribe of Heart An Idea that one person's change of heart can change the world. A Vision of a world free of violence and full of beauty. The Tribe of Heart Team. In , social justice artists Jenny Stein and James LaVeck were inspired by the simple yet powerful idea that one person's change of heart can change the world.

Tribe of Heart's documentaries, which focus on themes of nonviolence, moral courage, and personal transformation, have been shown in 80 film festivals around the world, receiving 18 awards, including 5 for Best of Festival and 12 for Best Documentary. Additionally, they co-founded HumaneMyth.

They also led a multi-year public education and legal campaign to resist the mass killing of suburban deer in their community. Your donations will enable us to produce new films, touch more lives, further develop our teaching of holistic nonviolence, and help us expand our message across more languages and cultures. Community support is instrumental to our ability to deliver non-commercial, life-altering social justice projects which empower everyday people to become part of creating a wave of positive change.

With your help, we can continue this important work. Join us!