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I do think the use of a coffee grinder is ingenious, and thought of it too, hence findng this thread. I would use it as a short term fix and consider budgeting for the mill when possible. Thanks ladies. Hi would you mind saying which model of the grain mill you use? I have a tough time deciding…thanks for being so generous with the information. Hi Kerry! I use a setting somewhere in between for bread.

I can definitely vouch for the fine settings for cookies, but you have me curious on the medium setting for bread. Yes, definitely a difference when you grind at a med. I choose med. The bread comes out more hearty for sure, but not really seedy. If you want seedy bread, why not add seeds? I only have one of those baby coffee grinders. I think I may lose my mind if I did it this way.

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I had started grinding my own grain in my vitamix but my loaves were always a disaster. I was trying to do too many things from scratch and also using sourdough starters too. So now I have a bread machine and standard yeast I might try this again. Thanks for the reminder! Love the article — so fun and true!!!

Thanks for gearing it toward REAL people who live on a limited budget! Please post info. Thank you and God bless!! Thanks JAM! Thanks so much for the reminder! I knew it! You took that risk, and I thank you. Can you simply use the food processor? Will that work? You can try that too Brie!

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If the grains are still too big, run through a blender after the food processor. I like Brie was wondering the same thing, but also, I have the grinder attachment for meat and bread for my kitchen aid and was wondering if you thought that would be a sufficient replacement for the coffee grinder?

I used my nutribullet grind attachment to make kamut flour from the grain, and it worked great. Thank you for the wonderful idea! Previously had used the grinder for coffee, spices and seeds — in other words, nothing hard. The bottom rim of the lid has lots of nicks and uneven spots now, not just the bite out of it for the piece that ended up in my mouth. Sometimes penny-wise really is pound-foolish?

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I hope you find a mill you like. I now have a Wondermill and have heard good things about the Nutrimill too! Thanks for the reply and condolences, Tiffany. I had noticed that the plastic lid seemed to be drying out, especially after I began grinding flax seeds on a regular basis last year.

I found a new coffee grinder today that looks good, not terribly expensive — the Hamilton Beach custom grind. I may get a mill later. Hello and thank you for your awesome blog. Would love to know which model of Blendtec you have and love? Hi Sidney! I was looking at both barley and rice to grind in the coffee grinder but not sure if that would be able to take the hard knocks … though coffee beans are hard.

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Thanks I think I will try my food processor to get the barley to start with small then go into the grinder. I think starting with something a bit more robust, like a food processor, is a good idea. Better safe than sorry! I read a lot of comments about KitchenAid mixers. I was a life long fan too , until my friend Kelly the Kitchen Kop introduced me to the Bosch. I felt like a fool. Since I eat for health and feed many generations, I soak my breads and grain recipes overnight. This breaks down the gluten, eliminates phytic acid and releases maximum nutrition. It also handles twice the capacity of the largest KitchenAid.

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Check out the video on the Bosch site. Your local Bosch dealer will gladly tell you when a sale is coming up and the price difference is nothing. There r grain mill and blender attachments available. No fancy colours, just white or stainless but this wonder machine also weighs a fraction of that hefty other machine. It is also quieter.

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I make all my own bread and the Bosch can make 6 loaves at one time. I burnt out 2 of them and doing my research, found out this is common. If you are considering buying a new stand mixer, the Bosch is really the only option. Thank you. The reason I asked you was because one of the comments got me confused as to how much really a blender good for grinding grains would cost and your link cleared my doubt.

Update: I tried grinding wheat with a watt 2in1 blender and a processor, i started off with the blender then I used the processor, the result was a powder with specks of tiny grains here and there, how is that compared to a coffee grinder? Do i still need a coffee grinder? Using the thesaurus. Close What are red words?

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Close Thesaurus. Synonyms and related words. To be in, or to get into a difficult situation: run out of road , suffer , undergo Explore Thesaurus.

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It comes in a 4-gallon, watertight pail for long-term storage, making this pantry staple a smart option for emergency food supplies, or everyday use. For other types of gluten-free flours, Amazon. Smaller packages are also available from Amazon. For a more complete list of online whole grain sources, check out our companion article, The Whole Grain Purchasing Guide. Manual, electric, or convertible, a good grain mill will provide you with a steady supply of fresh flour with all the nutrients intact.

Remember to look for high-quality burrs or grinding plates, as these are the mechanisms that will be doing all the work! Follow our guide to ensure you get a reliable and durable model that will meet your specific needs, and check out our individual reviews of the best grain mills available for the home market.