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  2. Improving the long-term financial security of all women through education and advocacy.
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Federal thinking is foreign to the modern mind. Federal has come to mean nothing more than centralized or big. Because our federal government has become so uncovenantal, it is not surprising that the original meaning of the word is lost. But federal thinking is the backbone of historic Protestant theology, and the Church needs to recover the covenantal understanding of federal headship. Husbands are to lead their families, taking responsibility for them as covenant heads—as federal husbands.

This book is a part of Douglas Wilson's series of books on the family, which has helped many people trying to deal with the on the everyday messes that come with sinners trying to live under the same roof. This book on covenantal headship contains much practical and biblical wisdom that is never more timely than now, but which we will always need to be reminded of again and again.

I saw it the other day in my car and I thought I need to read it again. My wife knows already when I am reading it because of the change that exerts upon me! I find myself more reflective and aware of my covenantal responsibility as a husband and a father. I finally have a grasp of what my role as a husband is in relation to both God and my wife.

Essentially, I learned - unforgettably from this book - that I am responsible for the condition of both my marriage and my family. If anyone is to receive blame, it is to be me.

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Book Details: Federal Husband

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Improving the long-term financial security of all women through education and advocacy.

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Spousal privilege - Wikipedia

Dimensions: 8. Customer Reviews. Write a review. Very well done. Published by Thriftbooks. In this book, my longheld belief that the husband and father is not only the federal head of the home, but also the one who bears the responsibility for what happens in the home, was affirmed.

We are responsible for leading ourselves, our wives, and our children to truth, and not provoking them to the eternal wrath of God. We do this in various ways, beginning with the most basic. Teaching them in the Word of God, feeding them, clothing and housing them, and for the wife, providing sexual relations. Aside from addressing this enormous topic of a covenantal relationship between a man and woman as representative of God's covenantal relationship between Himself and Israel and between Himself and mankind, Douglas also addresses everything from pregnancy to piercings, the wielding of the sword to the wedding ceremony, and inheritances, occupations, discipline, punishment, women in combat, widows and countless other issues that arise out of or outside of the covenantal family relationship.

A beautiful, well written book that I'm not quite sure how he accomplished within only pages. You would be remiss to neglect a careful reading. Changed My Life Published by Thriftbooks. As a husband of 27 years and a father of six children, as well as, a serious student of the Bible, this book changed my life and my behavior towards my wife.

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Wilson sets forth the principles of a "Federal Husband" so clearly, that in the vast majority of instances, to argue with the points Wilson makes is to argue with God. Perhaps the most important lesson I learned is found on p 18 where Wilson states, "As Christ assumed responsibility for things He didn't do, so husbands should be willing to do the same for their wives.

If anyone is to receive blame, it is to be me! Another great work by Mr.

What’s Done Been Wrote

Wilson Published by Thriftbooks. Mr Wilson urges his readers to love their wives as themselves and helps the reader understand what a biblical home will look like. Wilson always works from scripture and attempts to expound upon all the impacts that will have on our lives. However, at some times he says that one must know that Paul calls all things permissable for believers but not all things are benficial.

He attempts to explain what things are profitable. Mr Wilson is extremely conservative and fully relies on the innerancy of the scriptures. I would recomend this book only after having read some of Mr. Wilson's other books. Infedility is his best book, in my honest opinion.

As an avid reader of books produced by Canon Press, I have encountered Pastor Wilson on many occasions, much to my pleasure. What Federal Husband purports to be is a glance at how a husband must mold his thoughts and actions if he wishes to love his wife as Christ loves the church.

What in fact we get from Pastor Wilson's book is an exhaustive work that says everything that needs to be said on the subject and leaves no further questions for his audience. No longer is there any need to read anything else by Wilson or any other author who writes on the family. I have taken his writing to heart and put it into practice. First of all, I don't let my wife read it.

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That would obviously be against what the Bible and Pastor Wilson teaches. I also keep my wife buttoned up in the house, changing our kids diapers, cooking all my meals, and meeting me between the sheets when I'm feeling froggy. This way I never have to help her with the woman's work and can stick to my eight hour work day and come home and relax.

It has all worked out quite well. We have well-adjusted children and a marriage that is just dynamite A not-so Quick Review Published by Thriftbooks. How does Wilson undertake his task? First, he points the reader to a definition of "federal headship" and the covenantal language of relationships which are based in Christ.

An interesting point that Wilson makes is that many times, when husbands have marital difficulties with their wives, the men are quick to say "It's her fault.