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  1. Morgan le Fay

We will open up for subs on September 22, the first day of autumn until December 21, the winter solstice.

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We expect this issue to come out some time in For our first themed issue, The Fey, we ask how one can write through the fairy as a subversive lens. We have no single definition of The Fey, but we do have perceptions of how this concept can be opened up:. Fey as fairy tales, fairy tales as a narrative form, that, according to Kate Bernheimer, contains four elements: flatness, abstraction, intuitive logic, and normalized magic ;.

Fey as riddles; as in the seelie and unseelie courts; seelie tend to be very benign, offering rewards to mortals who succeed in their challenges; unseelie are more cruel and their tricks often cause harm to mortals;. Fey as ensorcelled, charmed, as hypnotic eyes and siren songs, as questions surrounding agency and autonomy;. Fairyland as Another Dimension; spaces, real and imagined, as a type of Land of Faerie: hypertext as Fairyland, social media as Fairyland, the dark web as Fairyland…;.

Morgan le Fay

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